Starlight Press

Starlight Press is the new, innovative publisher for educational courses in the international market. We put students at the very centre of the learning experience and make knowledge relevant to everyday life.

Our courses are soundly based on approved syllabuses such as the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and aim to draw learners in with a blend of attractive visuals and compelling content, We encourage students to learn in an active and exploratory way while understanding key concepts and exploring new ideas and topics.

Learning Adventures programme for Maths and Science for Primary is our keynote course for 2019 and aims to fulfil our mission of encouraging young learners to become curious, interested students, willing to participate in their own discovery of Maths and Science whilst following a set, structured syllabus, firmly grounded in an approved curriculum. Students are encouraged to create and discuss the topics they have learnt and to relate their knowledge to their own lives and interests. The two six-level courses consist of a Pupil’s Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Book (both printed and online) and a state of the art Interactive Teaching Software with links, videos and presentations teachers will find useful in class. The whole package is complete, easy to use and modern, integrating all elements that are needed to convey the wonder of Maths and Science to a young audience.