The Pupil’s Books are highly illustrated and photographic, clearly presenting key concepts in contexts that young learners can relate to. A variety of exercises and features like TEAM TALK. encourage students to develop cognitive, recognition, reasoning and numeracy skills to use in and out of the classroom. GET CREATIVE provides simple craft activities to reinforce learning and any difficult words are explained in the WORDS TO LEARN boxes. All instructions are in clear, simple language so the books are easy to use and child friendly.

The Activity Books are easy-to-use, child-centred and can be used in the classroom or at home. Lessons and topics mirror the Pupil’s Book and include colourfully illustrated puzzles and exercises to develop cognitive, recognition, numeracy and reasoning skills.. All instructions are in clear, simple language so students can use the book alone, or in groups or pairs.

The Teacher’s Books contain ideas for additional lesson activities, photocopiable worksheets to extend and revise key concepts from the course and Certificates of Completion for a student after they have successfully completed a Unit.