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Learning Adventures is an exciting, engaging and challenging new international education programme based on the world-renowned Cambridge Primary Curriculum framework.

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The Inside

The Learning Adventures Education Programme will help to develop a love of learning in young minds that will last a lifetime. It has been created and compiled with the child at its centre to encourage independent and analytical thinking. The programme observes cultural sensitivities throughout.

The aim of The Learning Adventures programme is to explain scientific and mathematical concepts using simple language and bright, colourful artwork and photographs. This not only engages the child but also helps them to understand and absorb information.

Activities and games in both the Pupil's Books and Activity Books will reinforce and extend learning skills. They have been designed to support learning, stimulate scientific inquiry and develop numeracy skills. The activities will encourage young learners at all levels, from the less confident to the more accomplished student.

Science Pupils

The Learning Adventures Primary Education Programme

  • introduces young learners to science and mathematics
  • inspires a love of learning through accessible information, bright artwork and engaging activities
  • challenges a range of student abilities, from the less confident to the more independent learner

The programme comprises six Levels from 1 to 6.

In each Level, Units of Learning are broken down into Lessons to establish a logical progression through each subject.

Each Level for Science includes:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
Science Pupils

Each Level for Maths includes:

  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Measuring
Maths Pupils

Within these learning topics, the student will develop the skills for scientific investigation, evaluating evidence, planning, recording and analysing data. A selection of lessons and activities will be based on real-life situations so that the child can relate what they are learning to their own everyday activities, making the lesson a real learning experience rather than an abstract teaching concept.

Science Pupils
Science Pupils

Easy-to-follow, accessible, engaging and child-centered, The Learning Adventures Education programme will encourage, inspire and make learning an adventure.

A journey into Maths and Science for Young Learners

Learning Adventures is a Primary Maths and Science programme based on the Cambridge Primary Curriculum

The Learning Adventures programme is a journey into the world of science and maths, that builds bridges between the classroom and real life for young learners. The main objective of the series is to familiarise students with the wonders of everyday life through discovery and engagement, and show them how every piece of information they learn relates to their life journey.

Beautifully illustrated, photographic books highlight the perfect artistry of the world we live in and our place within it and encourage students to reflect and engage with the harmony and order that gives rise to mathematical concepts and scientific ideas.

Students initially engage with a concept or idea on a visual level and are then encouraged to experiment and discover more about it (TRY THIS) , question and find out more using discussion (TEAM TALK), read and respond to interesting facts (WOW FACTS) and enjoy creative pursuits (GET CREATIVE) that totally engage them, cognitively and physically, in finding out and using key information. Any complex words are explained on the page using a WORDS TO LEARN feature.

Rather than passively reading information and facts and repeating them, students become curious about the things around them. how they work and their relevance to everyday life and this active engagement creates curious, independent learners, able to retain and use mathematical and scientific concepts and ideas outside of the classroom and within their daily lives.

Students are encouraged to think about, for example, not just plants in the garden, but also plants in the park and in the countryside, and the plants around them every day; and are encouraged to compare them to different things, for example,
Which one can sing?
Which one needs water?
Animals and humans move. What about plants?
Mathematical concepts are related to real life. Students are encouraged to work out and solve problems using objects or examples from their own world.

Flexible curriculum

The curriculum of the course covers all the components in the Cambridge Primary Curriculum for Maths and Science and can be rearranged and reordered by teachers so topics are relevant to the appropriate time of the year, for example, Plants in Spring, Water and Ice in Winter.


The programme also draws on other subjects within the overall school curriculum such as Arts and Crafts, Music, English, Values and Reading and Writing to give learning as wide a breadth as possible with all possible approaches available.

Interactive teaching software

The course is accompanied by state of the art Interactive Teaching Software allowing teachers to project the Pupil’s Book onto a screen and including clickable links to relevant pages of the Activity Books, Teacher’s Books, Videos and Resources.
Cute navigational emoticons give a clear, friendly and approchable feel and features such as ‘Presentation‘ allow teachers to manipulate pages of text to create their own presentations for a lesson.

Teacher’s book

Further enhancing the rich range of materials for the course is the Teacher’s Book which provides additional information and ideas on key concepts, more ideas for activities for quicker and slower learners and games and printable Photocopiable sheets and answers at point of use within a lesson. Each book also contains photocopiable Certificates of Completion for teachers to give to students at the end of a unit.